About Our Church

The Church of the Epiphany is an Episcopal church located in Southbury’s Historic District, and has been an integral part of the community since 1843. We are a close-knit, dynamic, enthusiastic congregation and we invite you to join us!


While our Church was formed on April 18, 1843 at the Bullet Hill School in Southbury, our present edifice was dedicated on September 19, 1867. The land we stand on was donated by Shadrach Osborn. He owned the house to our south, which was his store. He was also one of the owners of our Rectory to the north and owned a house to the east that he lived in with his second wife. The Reverend Fredrick Harriman of St. Paul’s, Woodbury, officially made the land transaction in the name of the Diocese of Connecticut. Mr. Osborn was a well known man about town and a commissary for the Revolutionary War. George Washington visited him after the “Burning of Danbury”.

Our Cornerstone was laid in 1863. The congregation had changed the name from the original Church of the Resurrection (1843) to the Church of the Epiphany (1858), one year after obtaining the deed for the land. There was a delay in building the edifice because of our Civil War. The Church building was consecrated by The Right Reverend John Williams, fourth Bishop of Connecticut, and later, one of the Presiding Bishop’s of the United States. The Consecration Service occurred on September 19, 1867. Added to the stone portion was a wooden structure to house a bell. The Bell Tower was added in 1885. The tower was built by Howard Peck and restored by Tom Gall of Southbury. A bell was placed in the tower in 1983. The inscription on the bell is “Sing unto the Lord because he Hath Dealt Bountifully with Us. Psalm 13:6”. The bell was given in memory of the parents of Mr. & Mrs. Emisson.

The stone of the Church building is from a quarry in Roxbury,Connecticut. In the late 1970’s, we were able to purchase stone steps for the front door of the church from the same quarry. The history we have about the inside of the Church is not complete. Early in the church history we know that William Randall gave the church a Mason & Hamlin organ. The pews are oak and will seat approximately 110 people. The front window had eastern light shining through until the addition to the facilities in 1963. The newly “unveiled” window has been covered by a dossal curtain since the mid-1960’s. The glass depicts a top circle with a mite (a bishop’s hat). A larger circle in the center contains a picture of The Right Reverend John Williams.The smaller circle on the bottom has a picture with a pair of crossed keys. We hope to be able to have this window restored to befit its age of 141 years. Our windows in the church are not stained glass but a type of glass that is painted numerous times and fired in a kiln. The windows were repaired during the late 1970’s. Each window depicts something relating to Christianity.


The Mission of the Church of the Epiphany is to worship God in the fellowship of people of faith; to spread the love of Christ; to identify and address the needs of the community and the world.


God, the Father.
Thank you for all our blessings here at Epiphany, especially for our Church relationships, for Father Marston and the liturgies, and for our facilities. Guide us to continue to practice good stewardship of these assets.

God, the Son.
Sustain us in our continued journey to reach out and assist those individuals and families that are in need or have illnesses be it here at Epiphany or in our outreach efforts.

God, the Holy Spirit,
Strengthen our resolve to keep an open mind and be gracious in accepting the inevitable pace of change and in doing so, increase our membership.

Ignite our energy to act on these goals and become better known in this community of Southbury. To this end, we hope, we pray, and we act to the glory of your name.



Vestry Board Officers/Members

Co-Senior Wardens: Ginny Kowalski & Judy Lee
Junior Warden: Guy Kelley
Treasurer: Ann Moore
Assistant Treasurer: Kathleen Fracassini
Parish Clerk: Vicki Braucci
Board Members: David Merrill, Janet Byrnes, Ed Keplinger, Darlene Lahoud,
Judy Passeck, Doreen Luth and William Graff
Liturgy Committee: Vicki Braucci
Alter Guild Directress: Linda Kelley
Head Usher: Dave Merrill

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